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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Plastic

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I recently started to buy cleaners called Clean Path which I bought at 
Walmart. Clean Path recently partnered with Buzzfeed to create a powerful video called '5 Things You Didn’t Know About Plastic.' 

I have always had plastics, in my house, car, everywhere. It is somethingthat we all have grown up with but I never really paid any attention to where it came from or what was in it. After seeing this video I shutter at the thought of what is in plastic and I use it for food that I put in the refrigerator. O yuck not any more - not in my house. The video uses a Rube Goldberg machine to follow the journey a plastic bottle takes from “factory to home” to shed light on the unintended consequences plastic waste has on our environment and what we can do to eliminate waste and save money. cleanpath-lineup Clean Path is changing the path of plastic with our reusable bottle and refill system which allows consumers to easily mix premium concentrates with water at home, saving money while drastically reducing waste, energy,and pollution. Watching this video about plastics is like watching the video showing how McDonald's makes their chicken nuggets with pink food coloring and the disgusting process used to make those chicken nuggets. Makes you wonder what we really put into our bodies when we eat processed foods. Everyone should Eat Fresh and Buy Local, Recycle and Reuse and Waste Not Want Not. Ok, Until Tomorrow I plan on planting some potatoes in trash cans.

Author: southfarmmarket

I was the Market Master for Southport Farmers Market which I started 5 years ago. I have turned the market over to a very quialified lady who loves working with customers and vendors alike. I spend many hours working on the updates to post here and bring you all the newest and exciting information of products, gardening, cooking and baking. I also am a Administrator for a popular Blog known as Jenn's Blah Blah Blog. Other things I do are fishing and baking.

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