Southside Farmers Market

Farmers Markets

WISH TV’s Very Own Chef will visit the markets.

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Yup,  WISH TV’s very own Chef Wendell Fowler will be visiting the Southport market on Tuesday from 10-2 and the Southside Market at St.John’s Church of Christ on Wednesday.  Stop in and pick up Chef Wendell’s latest book creation and sample a strawberry goody created by Chef Wendell himself.

Come prepared to ask questions and learn all about eating healthy.


See you there.

Author: southfarmmarket

I was the Market Master for Southport Farmers Market which I started 5 years ago. I have turned the market over to a very quialified lady who loves working with customers and vendors alike. I spend many hours working on the updates to post here and bring you all the newest and exciting information of products, gardening, cooking and baking. I also am a Administrator for a popular Blog known as Jenn's Blah Blah Blog. Other things I do are fishing and baking.

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