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Twenty-Eight Days & Counting & Eating

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I have been talking to you about the twenty-eight days Personal Trainer Food™ Program and today I want to tell you how to eat the Personal Trainer Food Way.  Now it is pretty simple since the meals come prepackaged in individual servings so you can mix and match them any way you wish.

Twenty-Eight Days & Counting & Eating


As you can see the food comes prepackaged and on each package are the instructions on how to heat in the microwave.  Ok, on the 28 day program you pick 28 Breakfast packs, a variety of 56 packages of vegetables and 28 meat entrée all from the menu.  The nutritional information is available on the item on the menu online so you can see that before you order a particular item.


There are several meal plans available such as a 2 day meal plan, a 3 meal day plan with or without snacks and then an option of 140 (28day) Fat burning varieties. The RECON program for men who want an exercise program and breakfast, lunch and dinner for 28 days. There is also a 3 day plan especially design for women.  With this option you get a daily 1 on 1 email support with a trainer, weekly weight loss calls to your coach and a REV insulated bag with water bottle.


I have told you how delicious the meals are, but you are not only required to eat just Personal Trainer Foods.  You don’t want to get bored on this diet because it does work and to keep you interested you have to change it up a now and again.  To change things, you can add unlimited leafy greens, meat and eggs are unlimited, you can have almonds, pistachios, walnuts or sunflower seeds. You can have an apple a day, a variety of cheeses like cheddar, mozzarella and other hard cheeses.  You can have salad dressings with 2g or less of sugar per serving and non-dairy powdered coffee creamer.  Occasionally, you can even eat out by following the simple DO’s & DON’T guidelines.

Now you all know that I have been doing this during the Christmas season and I have been subjected to things like pecan pie, cookies, mashed potatoes, candy and all the other typical holiday goodies we always fill our houses with and I was good not to eat anything that was not on my list.  It was not even that hard to say no because most of that food did not even sound like it would taste good.

Now would be a great time to make your New Year’s Resolution by using the coupon for $75.00 off any meal plan by using the promo code NewYear when you place your order.  Check out the meal plans and see how easy it will to start the new year off right.

As my 28 day program progresses I will continue to tell you how I am doing and the progress I have made.  I know while everyone else at the dinner table was stuffing their faces, I was eating foods that were helping me reach my ideal weight and I was the only one at the table that was not grunting and groaning because I had eaten so much I couldn’t move.

Use the coupon to help you get started on the fabulous new you for 2016 but you need to hurry because the offer expires on January 1, 2016.    Keep watch, I will be writing real soon.

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I was the Market Master for Southport Farmers Market which I started 5 years ago. I have turned the market over to a very quialified lady who loves working with customers and vendors alike. I spend many hours working on the updates to post here and bring you all the newest and exciting information of products, gardening, cooking and baking. I also am a Administrator for a popular Blog known as Jenn's Blah Blah Blog. Other things I do are fishing and baking.

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