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DIY Granite Flower Pots

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Granite is one of those rocks or stones that add a lot of beauty to any décor you have in your home but it is also rather heavy and awkward to handle.  I get a lot of packages and there are some that have large Styrofoam pieces in them and rather than throw them away I thought of a brilliant idea.  Using EZfauxdecor Films® I decided to make granite looking flower pots for my front porch.

So I started in measuring to see how big I could make the granite flower pots and marked the Styrofoam so I could make two pots.  The Styrofoam is 2 inches deep so that gave me a really good base for strength.  Usually it is not quite that thick and is rather flimsy but what I had seemed like it would work really well.


I measured and marked the Styrofoam to the length and width I wanted and then started in cutting.  Because the Styrofoam was so thick I had to cut several times before it was cut in two.  I thought about using a saw but that would fray the Styrofoam and I wanted a clean cut.  Then I thought about using string or wire but once again I wanted a clean cut.  I ended up using a sharp kitchen knife.  Sometimes there was a slight variance on the surface so I used fine sand paper to even out the edges and worked at it gradually.  Styrofoam is kind of fragile so you have to treat it with kid gloves.


Once all the pieces were cut to size, I glued the joints in place and even secured it with a 3” screw just on the corners. Then I put the bottom in place and glued it with a waterproof glue because using it as a flower pot there would be water involved.


When you are using Styrofoam, some glues will melt the surface and distort it so I used a good wood glue which seemed to do the trick.  I also used clamps to hold the pieces in place until the glue dried.



Once the boxes were glued and supported, I was ready to start applying the EZfauxdecor Films® to make my Styrofoam boxes look like Granite.  Because I was covering Styrofoam I followed the directions on how to apply EZfauxdecor Films® which is quite simple.


After I covered each box with EXfauxdecor Films® I wanted to plant tulip bulbs that had been dug up last summer.  This will give the tulips a good start and then after they have bloomed, I can replant them in the yard or keep them in the pot for next spring.


I didn’t put the film all over the inside of the pot, just to the edge of where the dirt would cover.  I also drilled a hole in the center of the bottom of the pot for excess water to drain.


I also put the planted pots in the greenhouse with the heater on so the temperature inside the greenhouse would be above 60º.  Now since the tulip bulbs had sprouts on them I am thinking that there should be growth showing through the dirt in about 2 weeks which means I will have flowers somewhere around the end of January or mid-February.  That is exciting.  It will brighten up the winter months.

IMG_0132 - Copy - Copy

Using the EZfauxdecor Films® is easy and convenient.  You clean the surface you plan to cover, measure the length and width and leave about ½ inch extra material, you create a wetting solution using 1-2 drops of liquid soap in water in a spray bottle.  You lay the film out on a clean surface. Remove the film and spray with the wetting solution all over the film.  This allows you to move the film around to get it squared up with the surface you are covering.  Then you use the squeegee to remove any air bubbles.  One tip EXfauzdecor Films® recommend is to use a piece of soft cloth on the squeegee while you remove the air bubbles.  This will prevent any scratches to the film.  Another tip is to use a hair dryer to soften the film when going around edges.  This works great.

I am anxious to see how my tulip bulbs do and how attractive they will be once the flowers start to bloom.  Check out EZfauxdecor Films® to see some other projects you can do to improve your house.  Also, have a look at Facebook,  Twitter,  Pinterest and YouTube for all sorts of projects and information.  And while you are at it look at Instrucables as well for other DIY ideas.  It sure is a lot more economical to use EZfauxdecor Films® than to go out and buy new appliances or countertops.

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I was the Market Master for Southport Farmers Market which I started 5 years ago. I have turned the market over to a very quialified lady who loves working with customers and vendors alike. I spend many hours working on the updates to post here and bring you all the newest and exciting information of products, gardening, cooking and baking. I also am a Administrator for a popular Blog known as Jenn's Blah Blah Blog. Other things I do are fishing and baking.

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