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Grab Destiny by the Dumplings in Kung Fu Panda 3

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While you wait for the market to open, why not take in some fun with a movie?  You know you loved the Kung Fu Panda movies in the past, well now is your chance to watch another one of the great movies from DreamWorks Animation. Kung Fu Panda 3 will be arriving in a theater near you on January 29, 2016. Grab the kids up and head on out to see a great family movie.

Grab Destiny by the Dumplings in Kung Fu Panda 3



Check out the trailer for this movie:


DreamWorks Animation

In theaters January 29, 2016

In 2016, one of the most successful animated franchises in the world returns with its biggest comedy adventure yet, KUNG FU PANDA 3. When Po’s long-lost panda father suddenly reappears, the reunited duo travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters. But, when the supernatural villain Kai begins to sweep across China defeating all the kung fu masters, Po must do the impossible — learn to train a village full of his fun-loving, clumsy brethren to become the ultimate band of Kung Fu Pandas!

Directed By: Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni

Produced By: Melissa Cobb

Starring: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, James Hong, Randall Duk Kim, Bryan Cranston, J. K. Simmons, Kate Hudson

Check out some of the graphics from the movie:





While you wait for the release of the movie, your children can have fun with some Kung Fu Panda Printables:



Enjoy these exclusive Kung Fu Panda coloring pages, connect the dots and other fun printables!

Party Pack Activities

Characters Coloring Pages


Connect the dots

Spot the difference Panda Pool and Face To Face

Tigress Paper Toy

3D Po

Tigress Mask and Po Mask

I Spy: Po

Official Websites:

Visit the Official Site

Like ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ on Facebook

Follow DreamWorks Animation on Twitter and Instagram


Mark your calendar today so you will not miss Kung Fu Panda 3 on January 29, 2016 in a theater near you.


Author: Karen Hand

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