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Girls DIY Engineering Crafts & Family Games

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You might be thinking, engineering for a girl but there are several great engineering crafts for girls to create giving them the opportunity of developing problem-solving skills, learning about circuitry while creating creativity on useful products.  Illumicraft™ by Educational Insights generously sent me a Light-up! Mirror for the purpose of this review.  Please note the review and contents of this review are mine and my granddaughters as well.


Yes, girls can get into engineering and the scientific end of making things work.  My granddaughter fell in love with the mirror she created.  Illumicraft by Educational Insights offer a Light-Up! Cell Phone Speaker Dock, Light-Up! Journal, Light-Up! Pencil Case, Light-Up! Picture Frame, Light-Up! Jewelry Organizer and the Light-Up! Mirror.  When the child puts the project together they learn basic circuitry knowledge on how electricity works.


The Illumicraft Light-Up! Mirror comes with a mirror with built-in frame; 2 LEDs with screw-in back units; battery case with lid and CR2032 battery; and 2 feet of adhesive, conductive copper tape, 2 sheets of sparkly, decorative, shaped foam; 3 sticker sheets; plastic and paper decorative shapes; 5-color paint set and an instruction sheet with easy to follow instructions,  My Granddaughter started right in reading the instructions and it is a perfect size to hang in her bedroom or locker at school.


Girls love to make crafty things and using the Illumicraft™ by Educational Insights products the possibilities are endless as to what they can create.  When I was a child, I loved to make all sorts of things, I especially loved to paint and figure out how things worked.  Educational Insights has a wide selection of DIY projects for children of all ages, Creative and imaginative play, Build & Design, Preschool, Active and Outdoor, Discovery and Exploration and even Telescopes and Microscopes and that’s just the toys.  There is help with school work like math, science, reading, and spelling all in the form of games to simplify the task of learning.


Nola got her mirror done very quickly and is quite proud to show you her finished project.  She used a variety of stickers and sayings of things that she likes and made a very cute mirror for her bedroom. Nola uses her mirror every morning to check her hair and face.  She can’t wait to try makeup.

Educational Insights have interactive crafts and games for children from ages 2 to the everyone in the whole family that help your child develop your child’s interest in learning.   Things like Hot Dots® Tots, created just for your toddler!  Your little ones will like using Elliott—the Musical, Teaching Bear™ to learn and become involved with two interactive board books. Happy Birthday, Baby! and A Trip to the Doctor introduce key early learning skills like making comparisons; recognizing emotions; identifying colors, objects, shapes, and numbers; identifying parts of the body; and more!


Another cute educational game is Pass the Peas™. It is a tasty word game for the whole family! Players literally pass the peas, building words on top of each other’s, in this roly-poly word-building game. 2–4 players. Grades 3+ Our family is hooked on Scrabble and Words with Friends so I am thinking that even the adults in my family would go bonkers over this cute word game.


All kids like to observe nature from a sneaky secret hideout and what better way to do it than using a GeoSafari Jr.Sneak & Peek Periscope™. Look over a rock or around a tree, without being noticed.  Want to scope in the dark? Flip on the LED light to spy on nocturnal animals in your backyard! This periscope features a wide viewing area, easy-grip handles, and soft goggles with a comfy nose placement guide to guarantee successful viewing, day or night.  Perfect for the adventurous child in your family.


There are a lot of toys on the market today, but I have never seen any that offer the educational benefits Educational Insights has available.  Your child can use their imagination and will learn without even knowing it.  Checkout Educational Insights for all the products they have available.  Then look at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram for videos and more.

You might be thinking engineering for a girl is ok now that you have seen some of the products available at Educational Insights.  Educational Insights has a variety of DIY projects for both boys and girls that they can explore the world of developing problem-solving skills, learn about circuitry, other engineering and scientific fields while creating useful fun products.

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