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Do You Have Whirligigs?

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You know those whirling seed pods that fall from the trees in or around your house and into your gutters.  Ever since I was a child, we called those seed pods Whirligigs because they go spinning to the ground and guess what, those spinning seed pods clog up your gutters stopping the flow of water away from the house which can cause severe damage to your foundation.

Do You Have Whirligigs?

I have the perfect solution to this age ole problem of keeping your gutters free and clear of leaves and whirligigs.  Yes, it is a gutter guard but not the expensive kind you see advertised on TV, in magazines or at home shows.  The perfect solution is quite simple actually and possibly a third of the expense of those products you see on TV, plus it is a DIY project that can be installed in just a short amount of time.

I am referring to Gutterbrush Leaf Guard which is nothing more than -yup you guessed it-brushes that fit down in your gutters.  So, you are probably thinking how can a brush do the job of keeping my gutters clean and free flowing.

We put the gutter brushes up in the summer of 2016 and we love them. We have large maple trees in our yard and come spring time the whirligigs start flying clogging up our gutters and downspouts.  My husband has spent numerous hours cleaning the gutters and I was always afraid he would fall off the ladder.

I am happy to report that since we installed the GutterBrush Leaf Guard, my husband no longer has to hop up on a ladder to clear the debris from the gutters or downspouts.   It is one investment we made that has paid for itself many times and what a relief it is that my husband won’t fall off the ladder.

Spring is just around the corner and it will be here before you know it and those Whirligigs will start flying through the air, so its not too early to start thinking about taking care of that problem before the spring rains hit.

GutterBrush Leaf Guards are easy to install. Here are instructions from the GutterBrush Leaf Guard web site.   “First, remove all leaves and debris from the gutters and make sure downspouts and outlets are clear.  Fill your gutters end to end with GutterBrush. If you have a corner, just bend the brush to fit.  If a piece is too long at the end, simply bend the brush back into itself (fold it) to fit. No need to cut GutterBrush.  Most leaves will pass right over the GutterBrush Gutter Guard. Small debris caught in the top of the brush either blows away or begins decomposing and washes through the gutter during natural weather cycles.”

Since we seem to be experiencing a mild winter, there are days when the temperature is warm enough to get out in the yard and clean up the winter debris and what a great time to include taking care of your gutters before the spring rains hit.

Check out GutterBrush where you can get a free sample.  On the website, it tells you how to measure your gutters to ensure the correct size GutterBrush you will need.  Peek at Facebook and read other reviews about this wonderful product.  Twitter and Google+ for more information.

The perfect solution to the age ole problem of keeping your gutters free and clear of leaves and whirligigs is a gutter guard but not the expensive kind you see advertised on TV, in magazines or at home shows.  The perfect solution is quite simply GutterBrush Leaf Guards.

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I was the Market Master for Southport Farmers Market which I started 5 years ago. I have turned the market over to a very quialified lady who loves working with customers and vendors alike. I spend many hours working on the updates to post here and bring you all the newest and exciting information of products, gardening, cooking and baking. I also am a Administrator for a popular Blog known as Jenn's Blah Blah Blog. Other things I do are fishing and baking.

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