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How Do You REACT?

How do you react to the dust and dirt in your house or car?  If you are like me, you probably think yuck and like to get the messes cleaned up as soon as possible.  Do you have the latest and greatest in vacuum cleaners?  How about cordless?  These are great and I think they save a lot of time and effort when it comes to cleaning up messes.  Have you seen or heard of Hoover REACT Whole Home Advantage Cordless Vacuum?  This vacuum is perfect for the really big jobs and the small ones as well.


Hoover generously sent me a REACT Whole Home Advantage Cordless Vacuum for the purpose of this review.  The views on this product are mine and mine alone and I was not influenced in any way.

I can tell you I was real excited to get a cordless vacuum cleaner.  I don’t know how many times I have run over cords and always been a bit short of reaching the last area that needed to be vacuumed because of the length of the cord on the vacuum.  With the Hoover REACT Whole Home Advantage Cordless Vacuum I don’t have to worry about having enough cord to get the job done because of it being cordless.


I know you are probably thinking because of it being cordless it doesn’t have any power but quite the contrary it has all the power you need and the length of time the battery stays charged, you can get all your vacuuming done and still have power left over.  I always charge mine after I am done so it has a full charge for the next time I need to use the Hoover REACT Whole Home Advantage Cordless Vacuum.  Hoover says the battery life will last 30-min. in hand vacuum mode and 21-min. at full power on carpet.  I think mine lasted longer because I used it both ways.

The Hoover REACT Whole Home Advantage Cordless Vacuum has FloorSense technology.  By that it means it knows what kind of floor it is cleaning, from bare floors to carpet.  The vacuum has WindTunnel Surge technology that offers powerful suction.  The Pivoting head of the vacuum helps you to maneuver the vacuum in any direction for quick pickup of debris.  Also, you can use the vacuum for quick above floor cleaning with the removable hand held cleaning tools such as a crevice tool, dusting brush and an upholstery tool that helps to clean every nook and cranny of your home. Hoover offers a 3-year limited warranty which is better than most.


You can purchase the Hoover REACT Whole Home Advantage Cordless Vacuum at Walmart, Amazon and other vacuum cleaner stores.  Check out Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Instagram.

How do you react to the dust and dirt in your house or car?  If you are like me, you probably think yuck and like to get the messes cleaned up as soon as possible.  The Hoover REACT Whole Home Advantage Cordless Vacuum is perfect for the really big jobs and the small ones as well.  I know once you have used this vacuum, you will never go back to the old corded style because you will be able to get your vacuuming jobs done quicker and easier using the Hoover REACT.

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Do You Have Whirligigs?

You know those whirling seed pods that fall from the trees in or around your house and into your gutters.  Ever since I was a child, we called those seed pods Whirligigs because they go spinning to the ground and guess what, those spinning seed pods clog up your gutters stopping the flow of water away from the house which can cause severe damage to your foundation.

Do You Have Whirligigs?

I have the perfect solution to this age ole problem of keeping your gutters free and clear of leaves and whirligigs.  Yes, it is a gutter guard but not the expensive kind you see advertised on TV, in magazines or at home shows.  The perfect solution is quite simple actually and possibly a third of the expense of those products you see on TV, plus it is a DIY project that can be installed in just a short amount of time.

I am referring to Gutterbrush Leaf Guard which is nothing more than -yup you guessed it-brushes that fit down in your gutters.  So, you are probably thinking how can a brush do the job of keeping my gutters clean and free flowing.

We put the gutter brushes up in the summer of 2016 and we love them. We have large maple trees in our yard and come spring time the whirligigs start flying clogging up our gutters and downspouts.  My husband has spent numerous hours cleaning the gutters and I was always afraid he would fall off the ladder.

I am happy to report that since we installed the GutterBrush Leaf Guard, my husband no longer has to hop up on a ladder to clear the debris from the gutters or downspouts.   It is one investment we made that has paid for itself many times and what a relief it is that my husband won’t fall off the ladder.

Spring is just around the corner and it will be here before you know it and those Whirligigs will start flying through the air, so its not too early to start thinking about taking care of that problem before the spring rains hit.

GutterBrush Leaf Guards are easy to install. Here are instructions from the GutterBrush Leaf Guard web site.   “First, remove all leaves and debris from the gutters and make sure downspouts and outlets are clear.  Fill your gutters end to end with GutterBrush. If you have a corner, just bend the brush to fit.  If a piece is too long at the end, simply bend the brush back into itself (fold it) to fit. No need to cut GutterBrush.  Most leaves will pass right over the GutterBrush Gutter Guard. Small debris caught in the top of the brush either blows away or begins decomposing and washes through the gutter during natural weather cycles.”

Since we seem to be experiencing a mild winter, there are days when the temperature is warm enough to get out in the yard and clean up the winter debris and what a great time to include taking care of your gutters before the spring rains hit.

Check out GutterBrush where you can get a free sample.  On the website, it tells you how to measure your gutters to ensure the correct size GutterBrush you will need.  Peek at Facebook and read other reviews about this wonderful product.  Twitter and Google+ for more information.

The perfect solution to the age ole problem of keeping your gutters free and clear of leaves and whirligigs is a gutter guard but not the expensive kind you see advertised on TV, in magazines or at home shows.  The perfect solution is quite simply GutterBrush Leaf Guards.

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Blissfully Better Sweets for your Sweetheart

Valentines Day is just around the corner where you treat your sweetheart to sweets like chocolates.  In just about any store you walk into you are apt to see a variety of sweets that you can grab and give to your special sweetheart but most generally those chocolates are average at best and don’t have the flavor some of the better chocolates have.  Blissfully Better is exactly what its name says.  Chocolate is one of those gourmet confections that cannot be processed by big fancy mixing machines and get the quality it deserves.  That is why Blissfully Better chocolate is made in small batches with organic ingredients and hand crafted in copper kettles.

Blissfully Better Sweets for your Sweetheart

Blissfully Better generously sent me a sample of their Organic Coconut Thins for the purpose of this review which I have sampled and have formed my own opinion on the gourmet confection to share with you.


Blissfully Better Toffee, Carmel and Coconut Thins are a perfect indulgent that is hand crafted and certified organic confectioners treat.  Did you know that for a product that is certified organic goes through rigorous testing before it can be certified so you are assured of the quality of the product?  Not all products on the market that say they are organic are certified unless it says so on the label.   The USDA has organic standards which must be meet by the producers before a product can be labeled Organic.  This means that synthetic chemicals like fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics and food additives can not be used in the product.


I am not a real big fan of coconut but the Blissfully Better Coconut Thins are to die for plus they are the newest addition to the Blissfully Better chocolate family.  There is just something about how the flavors all blend together into a blissfully delicious piece of chocolate treat that is better for you and your taste buds.  The Blissfully Better Coconut Thins are filled with delicious chewy coconut, sweetened to perfection with low-glycemic coconut blossom nectar and coated in 72% rich dark chocolate.


Now, you might be thinking about calories and betting the calorie count is high, but you would be amazed that two of the squares of Blissfully Better Coconut Thins are only 90 calories.  Each serving has 2g of protein which is good if you are busy working and can’t find the time to eat.  3g of dietary fiber and 52mg of calcium.

Check out for all sorts of information on how the chocolates are made an all the natural ingredients.   Then look at Facebook and  Blissfully Better Organic Chocolates are available at some select Kroger Stores, Everything Naturals and Amazon just to name a few stores.  Check your local stores for availability.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can treat your sweetheart to sweets like chocolates, now is a great time to grab Blissfully Better Chocolate delicacies.  In just about any store you walk into you are apt to see a variety of sweets that you can grab and give to your special sweetheart but most generally those chocolates are average at best and don’t have the flavor some of the better chocolates have.  Blissfully Better is exactly what you need to get for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day this year.  They will be delighted at the quality and flavor of Blissfully Better Chocolates.  Enjoy!

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We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

Southport Farmers Market will be celebrating it’s 6th year in 2018 serving the Southport and south side community and we have you to thank.  Without your support and dedication we would not be able to offer fresh vegetables  and handmade crafts during the spring, summer and fall seasons.  Thanks to our vendors who dedicate time and effort to growing the best veggies in town and Thanks to you, our customers for making our market possible.

We Wish You and your family a


From Our House to Yours


Wishing You a 


Plans are being made for the 2018 season by our vendors, so please put us on your calendar and visit the Southport Farmers Market where you can get locally grown, fresh veggies and beautiful handmade crafts.  See you next spring.

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Laser Craze!


Have you had a look around this Christmas season at all the laser lights that sparkle on houses throughout your neighborhoods?  To me, it is an easy and less expensive way to decorate your house and you are not hanging from a ladder to put lights up on the gutters.  Starry Laser Lights LLC generously sent me the Christmas Laser Lights Outdoor Projector for the purpose of this review.

Christmas time is such a magical time of the year and most of us like to decorate our homes for the season with Christmas trees, lights, candles and bulbs.  If you are lucky and live in a climate that enables you to get out and put up Christmas lights, you are one of the fortunate ones but if you live in a cold, snowy climate it is a little more difficult to put decorations on and around your home.  That is where the Starry Laser Lights LLC plays a great role in your decorating scheme.

Starry Laser Lights LLC offers the Christmas Laser Light Outdoor Projector with moving lights that twinkle and shine.  This is such a great idea and it is so easy to assemble and put up.  All you do is take the unit out of the box and attach the ground stake with the screw that is provided using the Allen key.  Plug the 2-prong adapter into the outlet on the power transformer and into your power supply receptacle.  Insert the stake into the ground and line up the projector aiming at what ever object you wish.  You can aim it at the house or an evergreen or even other yard decorations.

What you get then is a sparkling twinkling light bath.  Pretty Cool  HUH?  To test the unit, my husband turned the laser light on and shot it up on the wall in the kitchen.

Starry Laser Lights LLC with Red, Blue and Green lights moving

After my husband read all the instructions, we moved the Starry Laser Light Projector outside and aimed it at the house where we got an array of beautiful red, blue and green lights.

The Christmas Laser Lights Outdoor Projector with Moving motion comes with a remote control and batteries that works inside the house.  The remote is a great way to change up the laser lights and it operates on 2 double A batteries which are included in your kit.  The remote control has an on/off button, color selection button from Red, Green, Blue, Red & Green, Red & Blue, Green & & Blue or Red & Green & Blue giving you the options of which colors you want to display at any given time.  There is a Flash Mode from slow, medium to fast and a motor speed which controls the speed at which the laser moves (static, slow, medium to fast).  The remote also has a timer button, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours of operation.  I had said the remote even works inside the house so you can change the colors or speed of the projector anytime you wish and all from within the house, so you don’t have to go out in the cold.

Starry Laser Lights LLC suggests this placements for best results.  See picture below.

“The laser lights can cover up to 3900 square feet from a distance of 25 feet and can be set to flashing / twinkle, or simply stationary. It’s perfect for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, and anything else you can think of.

The Holiday Time Christmas Outdoor Laser Light adds a festive accent to your yard. It can be quickly set up and ready to use. The red green and blue laser light displays the magic of the holiday season. It can beautifully illuminate the front of your home or exterior decorations. Use one or more to create a holiday wonderland in your neighborhood”.

You can get Starry Laser Lights here.  I know you will love Starry Laser Lights as much as I do because it is simple and the easiest way to decorate your home for Christmas.  There is still time to order and get before Christmas if you hurry.

Why not join households in your neighborhood and get your Starry Laser Lights today and take the easy way out this year at decorating your house for the holiday.  This just in – Starry Laser Lights LLC is offering 30% off your total purchase as a thank you.  Simply enter code WEI30OFF at checkout to take advantage of this savings.

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Make Life Easier with Rogue at Black Friday Pricing

As time goes by, year after year, it seems our lives get busier and busier which means what used to be a simple task, now takes more time than we have to devote to the chore.  The chore I am referring to is cleaning the floors in your home.  First there was the broom which helped to sweep out all the dirt and grime from the floors, then the vacuum was invented which was an improvement over the broom, but you still had to manually move the vacuum over the floors from room to room to remove the dirt and dust.  Let me introduce you to the newest and greatest technology to cleaning your floors.  “Hello. My name is Rogue™ and I’m here to make your life easier. I’m not just (a) robot, I’m a smart vacuum that comes fully loaded with the latest and greatest tech. I have some pretty impressive features that really set me apart from those other robots. I have Robart® Mapping Technology with Memory, meaning I intelligently navigate and remember your floorplan instead of just randomly bumping around. I also have SmartWall™ Technology which allows you to mark rooms or areas as off limits to me through the Hoover Home App. Who else can brag about that? With other outstanding features like voice control, Wi-Fi connectivity, dirt detection and user indicator lights, I’m pretty much the whole package”.

Special thanks to for generously supplying the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum for the purpose of this review.

OK, Ladies, Who, likes to vacuum your floors?  Sure, I love clean floors but a lot of the time I just can’t fit that job into my schedule of other things that need to be done like cooking meals for my family.  Not to say that I couldn’t vacuum the floors late at night after everyone has gone to bed but that is not a very practical time to preform that job.   Instead, why not let the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum do the job for you.  It can run late at night and not disturb anyone in the house except maybe the cat, if you have one.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum and what a great product it is.  First of all, let me start by telling you that Hoover Vacuum has been in business for over 100 years.  That is a long time for a company to be in business which means that the company and its products are top notch quality goods.  My grandmother’s first vacuum was a Hoover and I remember playing with it.  I know, silly me, not knowing that years down the road I would actually have to complete that duty for my own home.  But at the time it seemed like fun and I was helping Grandmother.

Here are some of the great features I know you will love.  The Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum uses a high-tech laser to navigate around the house and it remembers the floorplan using Memory Navigation.   If you have specific areas like down stairways that the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum can’t clean, there is Cliff Sensors and the SmartWall Technology that creates virtual boundaries using the Hoover Home App where you can customize areas that are off limits.

Now how cool is this?  Voice Control, Yup, you can command the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum to start cleaning using Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.  Using this feature before bedtime or before you get home would save hours and your floors would be in great condition when you woke up or got home from work.  Everything these days seems to be Wi-Fi connected and the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum is no exception.  When you use the Hoover Home App you can program the Rogue Robot 970 to begin its job at certain times of the day or week.

How would you feel if you had a smart vacuum?  By that I mean, the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum operates trifecta agitation, brushing and suction to pick up dirt, dust and pet hair and if there is an area that has larger amounts of the yucky stuff, the vacuum slows down to make sure it picks up the junk.  Run time is up to 120 minutes and when his or her job is complete she will ramble back to her docking station and auto-dock, so she is ready for the next time she will be needed.

The Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum has a full 1-year limited warranty, docking station, 14.4 volt lithium ion battery which only takes 3 hours to completely charge and a cleaning tool.

Now for the exciting part!  Ever heard of BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS?  Well, Hoover is running a Black Friday Special where you will receive $200.00 off the suggested retail price.  The extraordinary deal is available at Target, Best Buy, Amazon and from November 22, 2017 until December 3, 2017.  Since most Black Friday deals only last one day, Hoover decided to spread the savings out a bit longer giving everyone a chance to collect on this great deal.

Make sure you put the Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum on your wish list for the holiday season this year and clean up both dirt wise and money wise.  Then celebrate during the new year having your floors cleaned with the most expert technology and state of the art vacuum available on the market today.

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Easily Hide Unsightly Power Cords and Cables

Do you have a flat screen TV hanging on your wall and do the cords and cables hang down the wall looking unattractive?  Best Buy has a Do-It-Yourself product that is easy to install that will hide those cords.  Legrand In Wall Cord and Cable Wiremold® Power Kit has everything you need.  The Kit includes all parts needed and all you need to furnish is a pencil, tape measure and a Philips head screwdriver.  Best Buy has compensated me in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or I received the product/service at a reduced price or free.

My Family is always looking for ways to save money, so we do a lot of Do-It-Yourself projects whenever possible.  The Legrand In Wall Cord and Cable Wiremold® Power Kit looks a bit confusing but is quite easy to install and comes with easy to follow instruction booklet that includes pictures.  I like those kinds of instructions because sometimes the wording can throw you off if you are not used to some of the lingo used by a construction worker.

There are basically 13 steps to properly install the Legrand In Wall Cord and Cable Wiremold® Power Kit.  First you want to verify the television cord will plug into the top assembly which most standard plugs will fit.  If your television is already hanging on the wall you will need to take the TV down to measure and mark the center of each hole location where the power kit is to be installed.  The maximum distance between the holes is 5 feet so you don’t want to cut the holes in the wall any farther apart than that.  I am using pictures from the instruction booklet which shows a lot more detail than the pictures I took and it should make setting up easier for you.

Best Buy has a video that guides you through the installation of the Legrand In Wall Cord and Cable Power Kit.  Watching the video makes the installation easier while using the instruction booklet and Best Buy has some great pointers plus if you don’t want to do the setting up yourself, Best Buy’s Geek Squad will come and install it for you.  That seems easy enough huh?

Included in your kit is a 3-inch hole saw that is easy to assemble simply by attaching the handle to the hole saw.  Drill a hole at each of the locations you marked not more than 5 ft. apart.

Next you want to assemble the sections of the fish tape using the connectors provided and the fish hook.

Now for the fun part, start at the bottom hole and insert the fish tape running it up the wall to the next hole.  The fish tape is flexible enough to make the curves up the wall.

Once fish tape is positioned in the correct spot, hook the wire of the Power Harness and pull through the wall until the other end is exposed then attach the wires and cables you wish to hide and gently pull the fish tape out the bottom hole.  Each wire or cable will have to be done separately unless you are talented and can pull all wires and cords at the same time.

After you have fed all the cables and wires through the wall you want to attach the upper module into the wall using the 3 screws provided.  Make sure the upper module is snug, then snap the trim ring onto the upper module.

Next step is to attach the bottom module onto the wall.  Unsnap the trim ring and take out two screws holding the back cover onto the bottom module.  The trim ring covers the opening you drilled in the wall, giving you a nice clean finish.

Next you want to insert the power harness plug into the back of the power module and slip the cover back on using the two screws.

Route the cables through the bottom module and gasket.  Press the bottom module into the wall opening and tighten the three screws until snug.  Snap on the trim ring onto the bottom module covering the hole you made in the wall.

Included in the kit is a power cord which you will use to plug in the Legrand In Wall Tv Power Kit into a standard receptacle and into the bottom module.

The last thing you do is plug the television into the upper module and enjoy watching television and admire your work.

If your family is always looking for ways to save money and you do a lot of Do-It-Yourself projects you might want to check into getting the Legrand In Wall Cord and Cable Wiremold® Power Kit to hide those unsightly wires and cables from your flat screen TV. The kit is quite easy to install and comes with an easy to follow instruction booklet that includes pictures.  Best Buy has the Legrand In Wall Cord and Cable Wiremold® Power Kit which includes everything you need to install plus if you don’t want to do-it-yourself the Best Buy Geek Squad can install it for you.

The Legrand In Wall Cord and Cable Wiremold® Power Kit makes all the difference in the appearance of your room.  It gives a cleaner appearance without all those unsightly wires hanging around.   I like that idea because I like things very organized and neat, plus it is a safety factor as well not having all those wires and cables laying around.  The easy routing of TV power and HDMI cable in-wall does not require any electrical wiring making installation a piece of cake. Swing by Best Buy today and get yours to install this weekend before the games starts.