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The Holidays Are Coming! Are You Ready?

Yes, it won’t be long and the holiday season will be upon us.  Now, for the big question, are you ready to do all that baking and cooking for your family and all those guest that always show up at your house unexpectedly?  Are you planning a special holiday party that will require you to cook and bake for hours?  Maybe a New Year’s Get Together and don’t forget about the Big Game which you usually fix something special for all the guys.  Now is the time to update your kitchen with the best of GE Appliances available at Best Buy at unbeatable prices.


GE Profile Series Ranges

Best Buy wants you to be aware of the GE Appliances that are designed to duplicate a modern approach to style and streamlined look for today’s kitchens.  Even your daily routines will become amazingly simple with the next generation features of GE Appliances.  Best Buy has compensated me in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or I received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

You know there are several manufactures of appliances on the market today.  Some are new to making appliances and then there are some companies like GE that are one of the most reliable and well-established appliance manufactures around.  Most of us sometime in our lifetime have had a GE Appliance or know of someone who has, like your Grandmother or Mother.  It is a company that is completely reliable and stand by their products year after year.

One of the best features of the GE Profile Series Gas Range is the edge-to-edge cook surface which allows you to use those larger pans and enables the pans to be moved from burner to burner with little or no effort and the 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner produces rapid boiling and gentle simmering.

This is a favorite feature of mine because I have several large pans especially if I am canning vegetables and making jellies.  Some ranges don’t have large enough heating surface to accommodate the larger pans so the process of cooking or canning is hindered tremendously ruining the food.  Another great feature of the GE Profile Series Gas Range is the extra-large reversible cast iron grill/griddle.  You can cook as many as 6 grilled cheeses at one time and if it is steak you are wanting, flip the griddle over and use it as a grill.  Perfect for those cold, snowy days instead of going outside.  Check out GE Profile Series Ranges at Best Buy.   The Profile Series comes in a variety of styles with features like gas and electric with double ovens or single oven with warming drawers and these appliances will make your cooking experience easier than slicing bread.

GE Appliances have outdone themselves with the newest in refrigeration by offering the convenience of Keurig Kcup French Door hot single serve brewing right in your refrigerator door.  Wow, what an ingenious idea keeping your counter space open for more important things.  I have a Kcup coffee maker on my counter-top and it does take up a lot of space that I could use for other things like just making room to set dishes down whenever I need too plus your kitchen looks much cleaner when the counter-top is free of clutter.


GE French Door Keurig Kcup Brewing System

The GE French Door Keurig Kcup Brewing System comes in Stainless Steel, Slate and Black Stainless Steel finishes to match any decor you have in your kitchen.  Hot Water Scheduling lets you have water ready for your next cup anytime you wish simply by using the GE Kitchen App.  The latest feature in appliances is the use of LED lighting and the refrigerator has 3 accurate electronic temperature-controlled settings and a full-width drawer with temperature control settings for specific foods.  The advantages of having a water filtration system removes unwanted chemicals from your water and ice. Plus, the GE French Door Keurig Kcup Brewing System is rated as an ENERGY STAR® appliance which saves energy and money and to make things even better – it is Made in the USA.

Best Buy offers expert service to help you find the right GE appliances which will prep your home for entertaining during the holidays at unbeatable prices.  Check out – Prep for the Holidays Campaign Page.  How exciting is this?  When you purchase 4 or more eligible GE Profile™ or select GE® appliances and depending on the number of appliances purchased and whether any are BONUS models, receive a GE Appliances (GEA) Visa prepaid card valued up to $1200*.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I love to save money when it comes to making major purchases and this looks like a really good deal to me.  When you are able to save a little money here, you can buy other things you have been wanting for a long time.  Maybe new cookware to use on your new range.  How exciting is that?

Yes, it won’t be long and the holiday season will be upon us.  Are you planning a special holiday party that will require you to cook and bake for hours?  Maybe a New Year’s Get Together and don’t forget about the Big Game which you usually fix something special for all the guys.  Now is the time to update your kitchen with the best of GE Appliances available at Best Buy at unbeatable prices.  GE Profile Series appliances are a great addition to your kitchen especially prior to the holidays which will make you the talk of the family when your appliances offer the newest features available and you saved time cooking and prepping for the big day.

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Sky Footwear – Socks with Purpose

You are probably thinking how in the world could a pair of socks have a purpose other than covering my feet and keeping my little piggies warm?  Well, yes, it is true, wearing socks has the purpose of keeping your feet warm, prevents your feet from getting blisters when wearing boots or shoes, protects your feet and helps to keep your feet dry.  Not everyone can go to their dresser drawer and pull out a pair of heavy socks to keep their feet warm in the winter or a thinner pair of socks to help divert excess sweat in the summer.


Sky Footwear generously sent me a pair of Gone Fishin Lightweight socks, a pair of Heavy Duty Merica Crew and a medium weight Peaches N’ Cream sock for the purpose of this review.

I first learned about Sky Footwear on the evening news one evening and thought what an ingenious idea on how to give back and to help those in need.  Keaton Hendricks and Eric Cellier developed a sock company that pairs up with rescue missions and homeless shelters across America.  When one pair of socks are sold another pair is donated to a homeless person.  These 2 basketball players teamed up to create a company to help the homeless and in such a way that because most everyone of us wears socks, your not only helping the homeless but you will benefit from wearing the socks as well.


Here is Keaton’s Story in his own words:  The inspiration behind Sky Footwear began back in the fall of 2010. I was volunteering at a low barrier homeless shelter in Bloomington, Indiana, when my eyes were opened to the heart-breaking situation that a lot of my neighbors lived in. I found myself connecting to many of their stories and my heart began to break as I learned about the struggle, pain, and hopelessness that most of them face.

     I realized that many of these people who had nothing were thankful for anything. I was repeatedly amazed at the thankfulness that the individuals at the shelters showed for the simple things that I take for granted everyday.

“I realized that many of these people who had nothing were thankful for anything.”


     Just five years later in the summer of 2015, I felt the growing urge to do something impactful – and as the year wore on, I could no longer ignore the tug on my heart by the homeless I was continuously interacting with in my hometown. I approached one of my closest friends, Eric Cellier, with hopes of teaming together and creating something that would turn this dream into a reality. Having the same passion for the homeless as I do, Eric instantly connected with my vision, and thus began our new journey to bring hope to a group of people who desperately need it.

     Through conversations with members and workers of the homeless community, we came to the conclusion that providing socks is both practical and reasonable. Thus, we dove head-first into the sock business. We hope to create a tangible way that everyone can make a positive impact in the life of a homeless man or woman. We believe that a gift as simple as a pair of socks will spark encouragement and hope into the lives of the homeless across the nation.

     It is our vision that those who wish to make a difference can use Sky Footwear to both make that difference and look pretty stylish in the process as well. You never know what a small act of kindness can communicate. You never know what could spark a change in someone’s life. Who knows, a pair of socks might be just what they need.

– Keaton Hendricks        

After reading Keaton and Eric’s story, I felt really touched that these two young men would take it upon themselves to provide a much-needed item of clothing for the homeless.  The business is set up in one dorm room at Taylor University while the shipping end of the company is set up in another dorm room at the same University.   During the month of May, the New York City Rescue Mission will be receiving the one for one socks.  Next month it will be another city that will receive the one for one socks.


So, most of us wear socks some time or another even those who wear socks with their sandals and do you really want those ole white socks with no character?  Of course not, you want to be flashy, bold and tell your story by wearing a pair of Sky Footwear socks.  You can purchase the socks individually or in packs of three (3) and in the variety of weights for summer, fall and winter at a variety of shops or online.

Sky Footwear has crew style, dress socks, athletic socks, mid-calf, low cut runner socks and outdoor in a variety of colors to fit anyone’s needs plus one size fits all so there is no need to wonder what size you will need.


Checkout Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to catch all the latest news about Sky Footwear.  Which city will they help out next?    Just think, Christmas is a bit away for now but you could start collecting Sky Footwear now for gifts, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts or Father’s Day is just around the corner as well.  Now you have learned that owning a pair of Sky Footwear socks with a purpose other than covering your feet and keeping your little piggies warm is a great way to help the homeless. Won’t you join Keaton and Eric by helping them provide warm socks for the homeless communities across these United States.  Besides, that, We Are All in This Together.

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Nothing Better than Fresh Tomatoes

Yup, There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes and we will have them at the Southport Farmers Market when we open on May 16th at 10:00am.  We will have a vendor that has been growing tomatoes so they would be ready to set out on your table.

Unlike grocery store tomatoes which are sprayed while they are green in a truck and shipped to your local grocery store and most definitely taste like cardboard, our vendor takes pride in offering the ripest and most flavorful tomatoes anywhere this side of the Mississippi.  Ron will have those green ones too if you like Fried Green Tomatoes.image

This will be an exciting market year as we have most of the same vendors from previous years as well as some new and different vendors to offer you an assortment of fresh veggies, breads, meat and eggs.

Mark you calendars for May 16th 10:00am.  Stop in and meet our newest vendors and say hello to your favorites from last year.  Also meet the new Market Manager – Melissa

Glad to have Melissa onboard as the new manager to fill my spot.

See you there  🙂


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Girls DIY Engineering Crafts & Family Games

You might be thinking, engineering for a girl but there are several great engineering crafts for girls to create giving them the opportunity of developing problem-solving skills, learning about circuitry while creating creativity on useful products.  Illumicraft™ by Educational Insights generously sent me a Light-up! Mirror for the purpose of this review.  Please note the review and contents of this review are mine and my granddaughters as well.


Yes, girls can get into engineering and the scientific end of making things work.  My granddaughter fell in love with the mirror she created.  Illumicraft by Educational Insights offer a Light-Up! Cell Phone Speaker Dock, Light-Up! Journal, Light-Up! Pencil Case, Light-Up! Picture Frame, Light-Up! Jewelry Organizer and the Light-Up! Mirror.  When the child puts the project together they learn basic circuitry knowledge on how electricity works.


The Illumicraft Light-Up! Mirror comes with a mirror with built-in frame; 2 LEDs with screw-in back units; battery case with lid and CR2032 battery; and 2 feet of adhesive, conductive copper tape, 2 sheets of sparkly, decorative, shaped foam; 3 sticker sheets; plastic and paper decorative shapes; 5-color paint set and an instruction sheet with easy to follow instructions,  My Granddaughter started right in reading the instructions and it is a perfect size to hang in her bedroom or locker at school.


Girls love to make crafty things and using the Illumicraft™ by Educational Insights products the possibilities are endless as to what they can create.  When I was a child, I loved to make all sorts of things, I especially loved to paint and figure out how things worked.  Educational Insights has a wide selection of DIY projects for children of all ages, Creative and imaginative play, Build & Design, Preschool, Active and Outdoor, Discovery and Exploration and even Telescopes and Microscopes and that’s just the toys.  There is help with school work like math, science, reading, and spelling all in the form of games to simplify the task of learning.


Nola got her mirror done very quickly and is quite proud to show you her finished project.  She used a variety of stickers and sayings of things that she likes and made a very cute mirror for her bedroom. Nola uses her mirror every morning to check her hair and face.  She can’t wait to try makeup.

Educational Insights have interactive crafts and games for children from ages 2 to the everyone in the whole family that help your child develop your child’s interest in learning.   Things like Hot Dots® Tots, created just for your toddler!  Your little ones will like using Elliott—the Musical, Teaching Bear™ to learn and become involved with two interactive board books. Happy Birthday, Baby! and A Trip to the Doctor introduce key early learning skills like making comparisons; recognizing emotions; identifying colors, objects, shapes, and numbers; identifying parts of the body; and more!


Another cute educational game is Pass the Peas™. It is a tasty word game for the whole family! Players literally pass the peas, building words on top of each other’s, in this roly-poly word-building game. 2–4 players. Grades 3+ Our family is hooked on Scrabble and Words with Friends so I am thinking that even the adults in my family would go bonkers over this cute word game.


All kids like to observe nature from a sneaky secret hideout and what better way to do it than using a GeoSafari Jr.Sneak & Peek Periscope™. Look over a rock or around a tree, without being noticed.  Want to scope in the dark? Flip on the LED light to spy on nocturnal animals in your backyard! This periscope features a wide viewing area, easy-grip handles, and soft goggles with a comfy nose placement guide to guarantee successful viewing, day or night.  Perfect for the adventurous child in your family.


There are a lot of toys on the market today, but I have never seen any that offer the educational benefits Educational Insights has available.  Your child can use their imagination and will learn without even knowing it.  Checkout Educational Insights for all the products they have available.  Then look at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram for videos and more.

You might be thinking engineering for a girl is ok now that you have seen some of the products available at Educational Insights.  Educational Insights has a variety of DIY projects for both boys and girls that they can explore the world of developing problem-solving skills, learn about circuitry, other engineering and scientific fields while creating useful fun products.

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Vendor Meeting Planned

The vendor meeting has been planned for February 28, 2017 at 7:00pm

Location:  Bethel Community Church of Southport

2810 East Southport Road

Please attend so we can hold your spot at the market this year.

Market days are Tuesday 10-2 and Thursday 3-6:30

It’s going to be a great Farmers Market Season in 2017



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2017 Southport Market

Southport Farmers Market

Bethel Community Church

2810 E Southport Road

Tuesday 10-2 & Thursday 3-6:30

Southport Farmers Market is currently working on the 2017 market season and searching for vendors to fill booth spaces at the market.  The market has made an impact on the community the last couple of years and we are looking forward to a thrilling market for 2017.  We will be using the same location because it offers better visibility and access to our patrons and vendors alike.  We are requesting support from local businesses which will help to publicize the location and products available at the market. 

All this new exposure can only make the market bigger and better but we need the help of local vendors like you to ensure our community is offered the fresh vegetables and hand made craft items they want and need.  Once again is the market will be offering the WIC and SFMNP (Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program) to all our eligible customers. This gives our customers a better opportunity to get the much-needed fresh vegetables for their tables. 

The market season will begin on May 16, 2017 and end September 28, 2017.  That figures out to 20 weeks of sales two times a week.  The days and times will remain the same as last year.    

We are looking for vendors who will be making a commitment to show up throughout the market season.  This does not mean that you cannot miss a market day but you will need to make sure you have enough product to meet supply and demand.  Our customers get used to you being there and when you are not they can get a little upset.  Also, please note that if you are a first-year vendor, it takes a bit of time for customers to become regular which means you may not have sales each and every market day.  In other words, don’t be discouraged if you don’t sell out every single day. 

Application and fees must be received by April 15th to assure you will be getting a quality space at the market.  All spaces will be assigned and you will use the same spot every market day.  One new change this year will be FREE Market Fees?  Consider getting a sponsor for the market.  A $300.00 sponsorship will give the company donating an advertising spot on our signs and newspaper ads and your spot will be FREE!  This free booth is for a 10X10 2-day booth for the entire market season.

Email for application.


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New Year’s Resolutions = Make it a Family Affair

During the winter months, I write reviews for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog until it is time for the market to start up again.  Here are some great ideas to help your family make New Year’s Resolutions for 2017.

In a short period of time, most of us will be making those New Year’s resolutions.  Some will make simple resolutions like serving healthier meals for my family while others will go all out and try to make total life style changes.  Whatever you decide, you should get all family members involved by making some minor changes with products that will help to simplify your household.  Brilliant Products International generously sent me a Kid’Sleep Moon, 5pc. Bamboo Fiber Dining Set, Chemical-free Cleaning Home Starter Kit 3pc, Hot Wheels PlayTape, and Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Spout Pro for me and my family to try and in return I will give you my honest opinion of the product. 


While you are trying to choose, which resolutions would best fit your lifestyle and family, it is always best to make important decisions when you get a good night’s sleep.  That can be challenging when you have little ones that can’t quite get the hang of when it is time to wake up or go to bed.  Claessens Kids Kid’Sleep Moon can solve that problem by helping your little one adjust their schedule using the sleep trainer, night light and alarm clock Kid’Sleep Moon. 

The Kid’Sleep Moon helps your child regulate sleeping habits with the illumination of a sleeping animal.  If the animal is sleeping, your child knows it is not time to get up but if the animal is awake it is time to get up.  The Moon has 3 settings for nighttime, nap and weekend, a choice of 4 different alarm sounds or no alarm, 4 levels of brightness, 4 different lullabies and great for birth to 7 years old.  Check out Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about the Kid’Sleep Moon.


What is the one thing kids enjoy doing while in the bathtub?  YUP, they love to play with the water.  The Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro lets kids experiment with water in different ways from sorting, constructing and using physics playing with the spinning gears.  Both my 6-month-old granddaughter and year and a half old grandson enjoyed playing with the Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro so much they did not want to get out of the tub. 


The Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro improves fine motor skills using hand eye coordination and promotes reasoning and problem solving.  The Spout Pro is easy for kids to handle and is designed for smaller hands.  There are 10 different activities where kids can benefit from while playing in the tub.

A great feature of the Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro is that it attaches directly to the side of the tub using suction cups and is battery operated that easily creates an endless stream of water and parents don’t have to worry about water burns because the water comes directly from the tub of water and the spout swivels from one side to the other.    

The Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro can be purchased directly from Amazon.  Checkout Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and You Tube and learn more about the product. 

A positive resolution you and your family can make is everyone sitting down to dinner.  When it comes time to feed your little ones, it is nice if everyone in the family sits down together and has family time.  This way you can discuss everything that has happened during the day.  Even your smallest child will make sure their 2 cents worth is heard.   The Marcus & Marcus’ animal themed 5PC Bamboo Fiber Dining Set is great for small hands while helping reduce mealtime stress for child and parent. 


The food grade bamboo fibers incorporate all the strength of traditional plastic dishes and offer the added benefits of eco-friendly construction.  Marcus & Marcus Bamboo set allows for an organized food presentation that is both engaging and fun for toddlers and parents alike. Reduce mealtime stress with our set that includes: one large divided plate, one bowl, one cup and a spoon and fork utensil that feature all 5 Marcus & Marcus animal characters.


You can purchase this set at, checkout Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what social media is saying about the Marcus & Marcus’ animal themed 5PC Bamboo Fiber Dining Set. 

Having a Chemical-free Cleaning Home Starter Kit 3pc to clean your home without using harsh chemicals could be the next resolution on your list.  Baby Care by e-cloth uses nothing but water to remove over 99% bacteria from bathroom surfaces like bathtubs, showers, sinks and hard surfaces.  The General Purpose Cloth removes grease, oil and over 99% of bacteria and the Glass and Polishing Cloth removes light grease, fingerprints and gives a streak-free, lint-free and smear-free finish to windows, mirrors, stainless, chrome, granite and marble.  Guaranteed for 300 machine washings. 


I tried the Bathroom e-cloth on my patio door and it works great.  I have pets that like to mark up the glass and I was surprised the e-cloth did such a great streak-free finish.  I have spent numerous cleaning supplies like paper towels and window cleaner cleaning those patio doors and always end up cleaning them several times to get them clean but with the e-cloth it was simply wipe with the e-cloth and dried with the glass and polishing cloth.  Now that is perfect you won’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning.   You can purchase online at and have a peek at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  #cleanwithecloth  #cleanwithwater, #chemicalfree,  #healthyliving,

Now, after you have done all your chores, it is time to have some fun with the kids by playing with the Hot Wheels® Play Tape®.  The Play Tape® is ideal for creating roads on any surface where you can race your Hot Wheels® cars. 


The Hot Wheels® Play Tape® is toxin free, disposable and recyclable, Ideal for children 3 to Adults and can be taken anywhere or stored for play at a later date.  You can purchase the Play Tape® at Toys”R” Us, Meijers, Hobby Lobby, Fred Meyer and Bartell Drug.  Check out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to see all the fun you can have. 

You can make simple resolutions like serving healthier meals for the family while others will go all out and try to make total life style changes.  Whatever you decide, you should get all family members involved by making some minor changes with products that will help to simplify your household by using a Kid’Sleep Moon, 5pc. Bamboo Fiber Dining Set, Chemical-free Cleaning Home Starter Kit 3pc, Hot Wheels PlayTape, and Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Spout Pro.  Each of these products will simplify your household and make it cleaner and well balanced.