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Satisfy your Craving with a Mad Mini

Now that the Southside Market is open, you don’t have any excuse not to get those fresh fruits to go with your ice cream treat.  With the impending summer months upon us, just don’t treat yourself with regular ice cream; treat yourself to some Mad Minis.

Satisfy your Craving with a Mad Mini

When I was little, my parents would treat my sister, brothers and me to an ice cream cone, occasionally.  It was a special treat for us, but I can remember that my mother always insisted on the sugar cones.  We hardly ever went out for ice cream, since there were no stores close to us.  Instead, my parents would purchase a half gallon of vanilla flavored ice cream at the grocery store.  With four children, as well as my father and mother, declaring their preferences, we usually ended up with vanilla to please everyone.  Moreover, we were happy at that.

As time passed, we saw the rise in soft serve ice cream being offered to the public; however, the secret to this was that the product was not actually ice cream, but an ice milk.  Ice cream stores popped up everywhere you turned and their specialty was the curly Q on the top of the cone.  Still today, you see other stores who boast of 31 flavors, but those stores are far and few between.  As time progressed, you saw the expansion of ice cream products like the Dilly Bar and ice cream cakes, as well as ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream sandwiches have always been my favorite with the ice cream placed between two cookie like layers.  However, as much as I love ice cream sandwiches, I rarely purchase them since the product is on the larger size, and my husband prefers a Rocky Road flavor.  I am yet to find this flavor in a sandwich.  Nevertheless, I recently came across a product called Mad Minis, which are the perfect size for a simple treat for anyone.


Thank you Mad Minis for providing me with four boxes of the delicious treats for the purpose of this review.

The company started “Mad Minis out of necessity.  Two grown men, young at heart, were increasingly dissatisfied with the frozen dessert offerings in their markets.  They found “light ice cream” and “frozen dairy dessert”.  Where was the real ice cream?  The ingredients labels were filled with artificial flavors, artificial colors, and words that were difficult to pronounce.  In addition, the calories!  They craved a snack, not a mini meal.  Was it possible to make a perfectly sized, great tasting ice cream dessert with real ingredients?  They had to try.

After several years of trial and error, Mad Minis were born.  The Mad Mini is a great tasting, mini ice cream cookie sandwich made with real ice cream, no artificial ingredients and only 60 calories – currently in four delicious flavors:  Chocolate, Vanilla, Blondee, and Black Raspberry.”



My husband and I tried all the different flavors.  My husband’s favorite is the chocolate, while my favorite is the Black Raspberry.  However, all of the flavors are scrumptious.


Enjoy Mad Minis with your favorite summertime fruit.


Each package of these delicious treats contain 12 Mad Minis.  You can find these great treats at Harris Teeter, Hy-Vee, Lunds & Byerlys, Stewart’s Shops, Whole Foods Market, Mariano’s, and Ingles. 

Check out Mad Minis’ social media pages:  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

These bite sized ice cream sandwiches are the perfect size for those little hands.  You know you cannot resist a good ice cream treat.  So, make Mad Minis the treat of your choice this summer, and be sure to stock up for those times when you have unexpected guests visiting.