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Hot off the Press: Follow the Eclipse®

With the warmer weather upon us, and the sun shining brightly, you want to protect your baby’s delicate eyes as you are on the go, whether it is in the car or taking your baby for a walk down the lane.  Have you heard the latest news about the Eclipse® by Cotton Rainbow?  The Eclipse® is the newest product on the market, which you place over your car seat or stroller to protect your child from the sun and other weather elements like a slight breeze, falling leaves, or dirt and dust.

Hot off the Press:  Follow the Eclipse®

Just like fashion, styles change rather quickly from season to season when it comes to apparel.  The same is true for baby gear; however, the changes seem to be in the way of improvements for a better quality product.  While I do admit that when it comes to baby gear there have been many new and unique products offered to the public, safety factors remain the most important.

Parents of today’s world have no lesser degree of concern for their child’s safety and welfare than in my day.  They are simply more active now.  Many times this is because more moms are on the go, as they undertake employment in the workforce and actively participate in their child’s social events in some manner or another.  They also strive to lead a healthier lifestyle, paying close attention to what foods they fix for their family, as well as getting plenty of exercise.  I do applaud them, as I too strive to do the same.

Every day I see a young mother with a stroller walking her baby in my neighborhood.  The mother is getting her daily exercise and her baby is getting the fresh air that he needs.  I have noticed though that on sunny days (which we have many in Florida), this young mother has used a swaddle blanket thrown over the stroller as a canopy to shield the baby.  On windy days, this poses a problem, as I have watched her attempt to anchor the blanket to the stroller to no avail.  I must introduce my neighbor to the Eclipse® product from Cotton Rainbow.


Thank you Cotton Rainbow, for providing me with one of your products, the Eclipse®, for the purpose of this review in exchange for my honest opinion.  The Eclipse® is folded over in this photo as it is quite large.  


What is the Eclipse®?  The Eclipse® by cotton rainbow® is a universal car seat and stroller cover for moms on the go.  The most remarkable feature of the Eclipse® is that the corners, of the cover contain bags filled with cpsc certified polybeads.  These weighted bags eliminate the possibility that the cover will blow off when the weather is slightly windy, and to keep the sun from shining brightly in your baby’s eyes.  These bags are easily removable for machine washing.  The Eclipse® also features a convenient peek-a-boo window to allow you to keep an eye on your baby at all times.  The cover measures 42” x 34” (107 cm x 86 cm), which makes it ideal for either your car seat or stroller.  You merely drape the cover over the stroller or car seat for protection from the elements.  I love that these covers are so light and soft.  The Eclipse® is made in the U.S.A out of a breathable 100% cotton fabric, and comes in 8 fabulous colors and prints.


Ordering your very own Eclipse® is easy through the Cotton Rainbow Store.  These make great baby shower gifts for those who are expecting, as well as new baby gifts, too.

The buzz is alive on the company’s social media sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Be sure to check out these sites.

Keep your baby safe and sound when you are on the go with the Eclipse® from Cotton Rainbow.  Order your economical cover today.